L'Occitan After-Shave Balm

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Soothing on delicate skin, our richly textured Shea butter After Shave Balm adds a luxurious touch to your daily shave.

Ideal for

• All skin types
• Moisturised & soothed skin

Good to know

✓ Vegan-Friendly
✓ Non comedogenic
✓ 96% readily biodegradable ingredients
✓ 97% readily biodegradable ingredients
✓ Tested under dermatological control

Lightly fragranced with a sublimely rich texture, our aftershave balm nourishes and calms the skin . We added anti-inflammatory birch sap to soothe skin, working to reduce tightness and razor irritation and leave your face supple and comforted.

Enriched with sumptuous Shea butter, the balm melts into the skin to nurture it. Sourced from Burkina Faso – where locals have long used the plant to protect their skin against the hot, dusty Saharan winds – our Shea butter is the highest quality, organic and certified as fairly traded. These details, which are of the utmost priority to us, ensure the balm is as good for the community as it is for you.

The subtle, spicy scent will instantly transport you to our beloved Provence. Lavender fields swaying in the breeze, the salt air of the Camargue and the earthy aroma of Roussillon's ochre cliffs all inspired this masculine fragrance.

Full of vitamins and fatty acids that revitalise skin, our exceptional L’Occitane Shea butter balm has purifying properties to reduce any irritation from shaving . The resulting product is as refreshing as a cool sea breeze on a Mediterranean summer day.

How to use:
This balm should be used after shaving or cleansing, when skin needs a reinvigorating boost to ensure it feels moisturised and fresh.
1. Rub a small amount of the balm between your hands to warm and soften it before applying evenly across the face and neck area.
2. Use gentle, sweeping, circular motions with your fingers to gently massage the skin and get blood flowing.

L'Occitan After-Shave Balm

L'Occitan After-Shave Balm