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New Brunch Menu at Red Earth

New Brunch Menu at Red Earth
3 reasons why brunch is the best meal of the day! 
1: Brunch is late enough for the late risers to feel like their morning is productive and they’ve started their Sunday with a spring in their step.
2: Its an excuse to order an insane amount of food, pancakes, chocolate sauce and fries are all acceptable on one plate. Who said dessert cant be a morning option!
3: Its perfectly okay to drink in the morning. We all love a sneaky mimosa or a glass of bubbly.
So the next time you’re enjoying a yummie brunch at Red Earth, be sure to clink your glass to the meal’s inventor; Guy Beringer, and his inspiration: Sunday blues (or the hangover!)
The English writer first proposed the idea for the meal in his 1895 essay “Brunch: A Plea.” In it, Beringer defended those nursing their Sunday Blues and Sunday Morning lie ons, so became BRUNCH TIME.
Instead of hoisting folks from bed and confronting them with a heavy spread of lunch options, Beringer proposed a midmorning compromise: a hybrid meal – a mix between breakfast and lunch.
Best of all, Beringer believed that friends could share their weekend stories with family and friends. “Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk-compelling,” Beringer wrote. “It makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings.”
We at Red Earth say;
Hear Hear Beringer……..
It’s Brunch O’Clock at Red Earth!
Great idea for birthdays, hens, stags and family get togethers.
Please call to make a booking in advance for more than 6 people!
Sunday Brunch Served from 11.00am – 1.00pm
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