Shea Shower Oil

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A moisturising shower oil made with Shea butter which gently washes the body, protecting and nourishing even the driest skin.

Ideal for

• Dry skin

Good to know

✓ Vegan-Friendly
✓ 99% readily biodegradable ingredients
✓ Made with Organic Fair-Trade Shea Butter

Formulated with 10% Shea oil, this shower oil gently cleanses the body. Its rich texture leaves a nourishing, protective film which helps to soften even dry skin, soothing feelings of tightness for skin that is more supple and comfortable.

L’OCCITANE’s in-shower Shea butter oil cleanses, appeases, and moisturises your body, while its gentle fragrance delicately perfumes your skin. Your skin will feel nourished, softer, and more pleasurable to touch. Our Shea butter shower oil can be used on its own, there is no need for body lotion.

Shea Shower Oil

Shea Shower Oil