Almond Supple Skin Oil

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This lightweight body oil has been created to make your skin feel firmer and smoother. Enriched with almond oil and omegas 3 and 6 this body oil spray melts into the skin leaving it nourished and moisturised.

Ideal for

• Normal to dry skin
• Nourishing & softening skin
• Minimising stretch marks

Good to know

✓ Formulated with 50% almond oil
✓ Vegan-Friendly
✓ 97% readily natural origin ingredients
✓ 99% readily biodegradable ingredients
✓ Made with 100% traceable Mediterranean almonds

Formulated with 50% almond oil, the light, fine Almond Supple Skin Oil effectively helps skin feel firmer and smoother.

Thanks to the ideal combination of almond oil and camelina oil, rich in omegas 3 and 6, this delicious body oil leaves the skin feeling nourished and more supple and gives comfort to the skin. A silicium derivative leaves skin looking firmer and tighter.

This body oil spray melts into the skin, enveloping it with a subtle and mouth-watering scent of fresh almonds while leaving a delicious satiny-smooth finish.

After one month of use, skin feels more comfortable, supple, and firmer.

How to use:
Massage in the morning and/or evening over the whole body using circular movements, always from bottom to top. Focus on areas prone to skin slackening and stretch-marks (e.g. thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach and bust).

After application
100% Skin is nourished
100% Skin is supple
100% Skin is smoother
95% Skin is soft
95% Skin is hydrated
91% Skin is firmer
After 2 months, using twice daily
100% Skin is soft
100% Skin is hydrated
100% Skin is nourished
100% Skin is comfortable
100% Skin is firmer
100% Skin is smoother
100% Stretch marks appearance are reduced
95% Stretch marks size are reduced

*Satisfaction tested on 21 women over 2 months

- IndyBest Buy 2021

Almond Supple Skin Oil

Almond Supple Skin Oil