In the interiors world, January is synonymous with trade shows and this year was just like any other as I set off for a weekend in London. The season kicked off with Top Drawer, London’s trend setting hub of interiors and gifting. Leaving the grey skies of London behind me, I stepped into a world dominated by a palette of greens and blues, with strong earthly highlights. From there, I was taken on a journey through tropic foliage and sea inspired patterns which found its way into table top inspiration and gifting this season. A hint of geometric and Aztec lines kept this year’s Summer collection sleek and pure.

The trend “Tropics” and “From the Sea” was so prominent across many Irish, UK and Dutch design houses this season. “Tropic” brings about hues of leafy greens while “From the Sea” brings about blues of our deep oceans and sandy bays. The idea of tropics and from the sea carries us into a warmer environment not to forget the Cuban and Aztecs influences. Summer is about being revived and it is through the outdoors that we seek to accomplish this. The first and easiest way to achieve this is by introducing the right colour. Channel this trend by experimenting with nature inspired shades of greens, blues and terracotta’s. These bold colour palettes can be supported by composed neutrals like grey, white and earthy tones. Green is a symbol of renewal, energy and growth – the perfect colour palette to start your new year.

TABLETOP The idea of tropic foliage found itself across many table tops this season. No two identical pieces appeared on table settings, with many pieces’ hand painted – ancient craftsmanship meets the high- street. The mismatch of organic patterns, shades and textures across finishes really enhanced this near Nomadic or Bohemian theme. I fell in love with this collection from Creative Tops – Drift – Inspired by the land and sea – organic patterns with cacti and smoky ombre effects. Hand-painted, folksy inspired patterns are key to achieve this look, the contrast of inky blues and stark whites work brilliantly with pops of green shades. To achieve this trend, ensure to have a calm base or table top that allows the accessories and Delph ware to fully shine. Other Danish design houses following this trend include House doctor and Lene Bjerre.

ACCESSORIES Plants, animals and nature are a part of our décor like never before. Personally I am drawn to accessories that portray this. Maybe it is because I am apart of a generation who lives by social media and technology and I seek to find nature inspired materials and objects to bring balance, reform and an eco-vibe back into my life. I am far removed or as they say ‘it was far from cacti, parrots, elephants or seashells I was reared” I have little or no familiarity with these living things but they seem to be making their way into our homes more and more. This season nature inspired accessories are offering us a break from modern day form. Who thought we would desire the unexpected combinations of pineapple jars or tropical bird lamps? This season, Mindy Brownes has also played on the idea of nature in our homes – accessories inspired by the tropics and the sea, tend to make for beautiful statement pieces in our living spaces. Parlane has also been inspired by Aztec influences and faraway lands with tribal and organic patterns across pots, frames and hurricanes.

FURNITURE AND LIGHTING This trend of “Tropics” has also made way for Geometric styles and a more contemporary take on 1970s – inspired furniture. The 70s was dominated by a period of sleek and minimalist design in furniture and lighting. It was also a time that was greatly influenced by the back to nature movement which stemmed from the hippie rejection of a materialistic world. As I walked through many designers’ exhibitions and subsequently on my return back to the office, I began to link the correlation of both. The 70’s a time of self-expression, individuality and the rise of expression through unexpected nature in our homes. Furniture and mirrors are sporting angular shapes or circular and geometric in style. They are visually abstract, bringing unique shapes and designs to our homes. Bloomingville at London’s top drawer have yet again married these two trends together. Red Earth interiors and Lifestyle also offers unique pieces and their take on 1970s inspired furniture and lighting So, for the Summer season ahead what I believe is true – nature will be the hero in our homes, explosions of hues of blues and greens will cover our walls and the simplicity and revolutionary take on 1970s inspired furniture will hit the high-street and independent creative retailers this year.