Brilliant burrito’s – Mexico 

The Latest addition to Red Earth’s restaurant is the Burrito Bar, at our Burrito bar  you can really taste the love that goes into every single burrito. Our meat is locally  sourced and marinated in a mouthwatering medley of Mexican Spices. We add our  homemade guacamole & salsa and your choice of your hot sauces and filling and  pack these ingredients into a brilliant burrito, with tangy cheese and your favorite extras, to create a lip-smacking flavor and a fat grin on your face!


  Succulent Sushi – Japan

We believe good food has to be freshly prepared and served hot. Our Chefs offer you the complete Japanese experience. Come try our chef’s creative rolls that are lovingly prepared from freshest ingredients!




Wonderful WOK –  China

This new-age cuisine is inspired daily by cultured textures and the heritage of savory street food spices! The chefs have truly ignited the Pan-Asian flame by being able to seamlessly blend the ”art of fire” and their passion for food.




We are delighted to announce that we have been named as 1 of the 15 best spots for brunch in Ireland by Loving Dublin – Click Here to see what they had to say!