Pink can make your home feel playful, feminine and warm.  Different shades of pink set different moods. A bright, vivid tone like fuchsia suggests energy and glamour. A soft and restrained pink, like blush, or a beige with pink undertones creates a soothing feeling. Many shades of pinks have a freshness designers love to use.

Check out our guide on using pink in the home.


For those of you who are afraid of painting the walls pink. A simple yet effective trick is to pair beige furnishings with gold accent pieces such as the Jenny Lamp Tables with pink accessories such as cushions, throws, rugs etc..

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  1. Tina Mirrors €89.95
  2. Jenny Table Small €99.95
  3. Jenny Table Large €109.95
  4. Fascination Lamp €379.95
  5. Yeats Armchair €599.95
  6. Laura Clock €69.95



For those looking to create a more contemporary feel, use a stronger shade of pink and pair it with grey and black accessories.

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  1. Wine Cooler €99.95
  2. Dillingham Mirror €399.94
  3. Valstrona Lamp €179.95
  4. Samson Side Table €390.00
  5. Sienna Armchair €599.95

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